HR department is considered as one of the core department for any organization. Whether you are running a small organization, a medium-sized organization or large scale organization, there must be an HR department which is keeping all the important data related to the employees. PeopleQlik is offering HR Payroll Software in UAE which is designed to cater all the needs of your HR department. While for performance evaluations, this software has embedded Performance Management Software in UAE.

There is a list of features that can be grabbed from PeopleQlik HR Payroll Software in UAE;

  • Performance Management

It is most desirous by the business owners to check the performance of the employees. It is only possible when you adopt PeopleQlik’s Performance Management Software in UAE for your organizations. This software automates the complete HRHR processes while giving them a new life. As this is a cloud based software so all the data and information can be accessed with just a click.

  • Time Management

When all the tasks are being performed using an efficient software solution, this can automatically saves a huge amount of time and money. This software can help you get rid of hectic administrative tasks while evolving the complete HR department. While when it comes to recruitment, PeopleQlik Recruitment Management Software in UAE makes the processes faster and reliable than ever before.

  • Automation of Processes

Process automation is also one of the much needed feature from the HR Software. PeopleQlik’s Leave Management Software in UAE is designed to keep track of all your employees while making the overall payroll function efficient.

  • Streamlined Workflow

This HR Software streamlines all the HR processes while keeping all the data under one platform. This at the end of the day enhances efficiency in workflow.

  • Authorized End User Access

This software offers role based access to the data and information which automatically strengthen the security levels.

  • User Friendly

There is no need to take extra trainings to understand this software. PeopleQlik HR Software is a very user-friendly software that a lay-man can easily understand it.

Hence, adopting this PeopleQlik Leave Management Software in UAE produces advantageous effects on the overall business operations while PeopleQlik’s Recruitment Management Software in UAE intensify the whole recruitment cycle.