In all organization HR structure must be standardized for achieving the business goals and objectives. In large organizations HR department is divided into many layers but only one HR manager control over all the functions of HR department. It is the responsibility of top management to implement the new strategy to handle HR department.

HR Payroll Software in Italy is an accurate choice for efficient maintenance of HR roles. All the HR manager should involve in the decision making. Due to which HR professional are considered to contribute to the success of organization.

Type of positions in human resources:

HR Manager:

When HR organization structure come then HR manger is the most level. It is the duty of HR manager to use new strategies to direct the HR department in correct and appropriate way as it will affect the whole organization. Leave management is very important for the punctuality of employees. Leave management software in Italy provides best features to maintain the records of employee’s leaves.


The role of generalist is to work with the top level management and focus on the effective business strategy to achieve the business objectives. They also have to work with the employees to fix the small issues and motivate them about the achievement of organizational objectives.

Recruitment Manager:

Recruitment manager is one of the most important roles of the HR department that is easily handle with Recruitment management software in Italy. It is the duty of recruitment manager to analyze whether the applicants are fit for the position or not. Performance Management software in Italy provides a solution to handle all these recruiting processes efficiently and effectively.

Learning and development manager:

HR manager is responsible for the training and development of the employees. Learning and development manager ensures that the accurate information is conveyed to the employees or not in a proper manner.