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Successfully running business or your organization is not a child’s play. It need effort, dedication and concern on employee, HR manager, high management and owner’s part. Having a light and fun environment at workplace is a positive attitude but letting employees do whatever they want and not keeping an eye can sometimes result in loss. Its human nature to take things and rules for granted if left unsupervised. Employees when provided with relaxation in Time and Attendance Management Software they take its benefit in a negative way. Employees used to come late, leave early, take long breaks and gossip with other colleagues, that the worst case out of all.

This kind of work environment promotes unhealthy work ethics activities in work environment such as

  • Lying
  • Groupies system among colleagues; hence increasing hatred and envy in other colleagues heart
  • Wasting organization’s time; an employee killing own time and engaging other employees too is collectively going to harm your organization
  • Not maintaining quality work; doing work in hurry and showing less interest in work
  • Promoting negative effect on your organization repute

Merely warning employees by sending notice or verbal warning don’t serve the purpose. It can only give your HR manager a headache and let your organization grow in a stressed environment. Best way to keep discipline is to set rules and regulations and enforce them to avoid ethical, legal and professional issues. “Caution: You are being watched by camera” statement has minimized much number of thefts, crimes and many other blunders rather than verbally saying catching culprits red-handed.

It’s human psychology, to explain and prove themselves right if not provided with proof, and accept readily if they know there is a chance of being caught or proof exists. So, the need of Time and Attendance Management Software strongly arise in your organization when confronting above mentioned situations. It keeps your organization alert proactively about all employees by providing statistics of employee’s performance based on reality on someone’s words with Performance Management Software .

Some major reasons to use Time and Attendance software are

  1. Salvation from paper work and writing reports

Due to lack of software automation facility HR managers have to waste their time by doing hectic task of writing reports and making large document explaining about employee’s performance and attendance traits. Collecting attendance sheets from many departments, having massive employees and generating reporting collecting data increase error chances.

  1. Impartiality in employees performance report

Decisions based on employee’s performance should be made on neutral and fair suggestions supported by facts and evidences. Relying on HR manager’s or supervisor’s reviews is not enough. Providing unbiased system to employees to track their performance is vital.

  1. Execution of rules and regulations

When employees are aware of surveillance, they act according to rules and regulations to avoid from organizational issues and losing job. Being watched sense enforce rules and regulations in a uniformed manner.

  1. Craving out black sheep of organization

Employees deceiving organization by helping others by marking latecomers or even absent employee’s attendance, can be caught. All the working hours are being tracked, so argue on cutting salary and working hour no more becomes a matter of concern on organization’s part.

  1. Payroll calculation

Payroll can easily be calculated by number of working hours and HR managers do not have to deal with too data to calculate payroll for each employee

PeopleQlik, cloud based HR and Payroll Management Software  enables your organization to handle time and attendance, shift and scheduling and payroll.

So, enter in world of new trends and use PeopleQlik’s Cloud HR Software .

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