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Today, within the increment of advance technology, Payroll module is used to generate the payroll of employees. This comprehensive module has relationship with many sub features of the HR module like employee details, grade of an employee, attendance management, leave and allowances, travel and other sub-features that make generation of salary slip of employee possible.

PeopleQlik’s HR Payroll Software in Dominica covers every aspects of payroll management including 100% accuracy, time savings and highly satisfied employees. It accurately computes salary for all employees including Statutory Deductions, loan deductions, stop payments, revisions, loss of pay, Income Tax computation and more.

HR Payroll module provides:

  • Ready to print pay slips, reports, statements etc
  • Accurate and super fast payroll processing. It is also easy to learn and easy to use
  • Powerful reconciliation tools & reports to review before payroll release

Features of credible HR Payroll Software in Dominica:

Direct Deposit

It is an easy way to motivate your staff but more importantly this feature helps to reduce risks of fraud. It is an attractive way to increase efficiency and productivity in your payroll department.


Leave Management

PeopleQlik’s Leave Management Software in Dominica is an easy to use and secure online leave management system that calculates accurate leave balances in real time. It offers visibility into leave entitlements by using Leave Management Software in Dominica

Payroll Reporting

HR payroll software must have this feature to allow for seamless deductions and reporting to federal agencies. Tax deductions, medical and social security deductions, benefits are just some of the critical aspects that this system helps you manage.

Performance Management

Performance Management Software in Dominica is used to identify development needs by measuring the outcomes achieved against the set standards and implementing effective development programs for improvement.

PeopleQlik’s HR Payroll Software in Dominica provides Payroll System which is used to make an application program and a company can use this system to manage the records of the employees who are working in the company.

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Phone#: +61386585993