Cloud HR Software in Qatar

Cloud HR Software in Qatar

In order to provide support tracking and compliance as required by authorities

PeopleQlik’s HR Software in Qatar is a comprehensive, configurable and cost-effective HR software system for any-sized and growing companies. PeopleQlik also provide payroll software in Qatar provides everything you need to streamline and improve human resources management and help everyone work together more productively.

Based on decades of experience of supporting the HR needs of Qatar, PeopleQlik’s Cloud HR Software in Qatar is purposely built to take out cost and complexity, without sacrificing the flexibility and HR functionality your businesses demands. Designed to take advantage of the latest Cloud and mobile technologies, it liberates you from admin, improves HR processes and puts you in control. Discover how PeopleQlik’s HR helps you put great people management at the heart of your business.

Core HR Software Functionalities:

  • Performance Management: Offers tools to list performance standards for employees and manage their goals, objectives, feedback, reviews and ratings in one portal to streamline the performance evaluation process.
  • Recruitment and Applicant Tracking: Provides a centralized database that lets recruiters store applicant information and employment applications. Includes tools for hiring and onboarding new employees.
  • Workforce Management: Allows HR professionals to manage multiple aspects of the workforce such as benefits, attendance, leaves, payroll and tax submissions, and more.
  • Time and Attendance: Tracks employee attendance and time off and enables staff to clock-in and clock-out.
  • Integrations: The ability to integrate with other business applications such as accounting, expense management, and project management tools via third-party software integrations and APIs.
  • Security: Ensures the security of HR records with features like role-based permissions, access controls, user authorization, and secure data storage with encryption.



Industry Leaders Love PeopleQlik

Permit your HR team to deliver both of the transactional and transformational value to your business. PeopleQlik has built in preconfigured procedures across the entire employee lifecycle which manage your daily routine challenges. The results are improved process control, better efficiency and a platform for your team to work with the business.

  • Employee Profile & Administration
  • Leave & Attendance
  • Payroll with Statutory Compliance
  • Performance Management & Trainings
  • Employee Benefits Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Time Off Reporting
  • Business Travel
  • HR Analytics & Metrics

Efficiently manage your global workforce with a single solution that contain full automated time and attendance and absence management. PeopleQlik’s robust, scalable and proven Workforce Management solution allow the transformation of the organization’s management and maintain a productive, cost-effective and pleased workforce.

  • Employees’ time and attendance management and tracking.
  • Optimization of the schedules  based on pre-defined rules
  • Mobile Clocking
  • Employee Self-Service
  • A single and accurate  view of your workforce costs v’s budget

Build a dynamic global workforce with engagement and full integration of talent solutions that puts people at the heart of your business process. PeopleQlik’s talent management module allows you to easily recognize top talent, employee’s skills development and measurement and performance reward, driving a provoked and high performing workforce.

  • Employee Performance
  • Goal Management
  • Competency Management
  • Succession Planning

Get payroll processing at a single click, anytime, anywhere with Cloud based software PeopelQlik. PeopleQlik provide award winning solution PeopleQlik’s payroll software. PeopleQlik’s payroll is a simple two-step process along with a user friendly, instinctive interface with a focus on enhanced User Experience (UX).It allows employees to access their payslips, tax deductions and allowances computation on any mobile device.

  • All Pay Groups on Single dashboard view
  • Automated Notifications
  • Comparisons of Gross to Nett
  • Analysis of payroll

Provide an effective Compensation to your HR team and Benefits solution to builds employee’s top loyalty and talent. PeopleQlik offers a platform to adopt a pay-for-performance culture throughout the workforce, and goals alignment and reward programs.

  • Flexible Benefits allows employees make their benefits selection based on their unique needs
  • Mobile Expense Management
  • Compensation Admin – advanced functionality for effective compensation management
  • Real time analytics and graphical dashboards

Hire, attract and on-board with top class talent management software. Derive the success and the growth of the business with online Recruitment functionality of onboarding Software PeopleQlik. It is packed with core HR functionality to manage the entire recruitment processing from requisition to onboarding within a single and integrated platform.

  • Automation of  the staff requisition creation, management, and approval process
  • Social Recruitment tools that is to easily create, manage and fill vacancies
  • Candidates’ short listing  based on scoring, online questionnaires & applicant comparison
  • Schedule and host global video interviews