TrackQlik #1Tracking services in chisinau-moldova help to sharing a location is not a new word for any of us. Because we are in an era where we need an easy way to find our car, family, friends and more. In our daily life, we have seen people sharing their location for fun. At least once in your life, you must come to this feature. So, if this is normal in everyday life then why are we trying to shed light on this topic. Because you know how to share your location, but have you ever shared your fleet location? You will say yes by sharing our location. But can you manage your fleet and share location on the same platform? The answer is no. So we are here with the solution.

TrackQlik #1Tracking services in chisinau-moldova

Is my fleet location securely connected to tracking services in chisinau-moldova?
Is my fleet location securely connected to tracking services in chisinau-moldova?

First, we will try to understand the issues when sharing a fleet location.

Fleet transfers can be useful:

  • When you need help with an unknown path
  • Vehicle malfunction and you need a car replacement.
  • Share delivery location
  • And more.

Vehicle Fleet Tracking in chisinau-moldova helps share location with safe location. Here, you can verify the location. This means that you are setting limits on shared links.

For example, your truck is in faisalabad for 2 hours. You want to share location with the person who wants to meet the driver. Share the location now and set a limit of 2 hours. So, this person will know when they can meet the driver.

On the web, you can share location via software. Here you can share locally even if the recipient is not registered on the platform.

In the tracking software, you not only get the option to share via software but also share the space with any social networking applications.

The key to this option is that you can share your car’s location even when it is thousands of kilometers from the fleet.

Location Intelligence

GPS Tracking In chisinau-moldova the map means more than just knowing where your cars are at all times, using vehicle trackers means using intelligence to improve your business. Whether it’s through low risk (speed reduction), or to improve productivity or efficiency. There are many reasons that productivity and efficiency can be low for the fleet such as drivers taking long lunch breaks, “natural paths” to jobs, and / or loadshedding in the morning.

One way to overcome these problems is to send vehicles more accurately to solve these problems. If you are on the fleet, use a tracking services in chisinau-moldova without knowing if a driver in the city is feeling the hassle of sending the route, if there is a nearby, or a vehicle that is more equipped to complete the task. Your leverage will eliminate it. Being able to see which vehicle is closer to a potential rush order and / or job can potentially help reduce fuel costs that can be wasted by blindly sending jobs.

There are obvious ways that the intelligence of this new place will improve things. If you have a company that has a dispatcher who spends a lot of time calling or using the radio to know where the drivers are on the day, knowing where they are going is their job. Will cut it with the flow of More importantly, they will improve the Tracking with your customers and in turn increase the satisfaction of your customer service with your customers.


Now navigate the fleet location to anyone at any time. We want to help you stay connected with your fleet.

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