Are you looking for an automated payroll software or application ? Since payroll is the most important function and responsibility of Human Resource department in any organization, depending on a reliable and latest automated software system can make this smooth and quick regarding payroll activities. But getting the value of money is not always easy in your business, therefore factors that influence your decision to buy an effective payroll software must be kept in mind while purchasing for any such application. Let us discuss some valuable features of an automated payroll software.

  • Payroll Processing Application

How would you like it if some software application would automatically calculate the gross pay of your employees and save the HR personnel from many hassles on their own? An application that could calculate the pay based on the hours worked by the employees would be a treat for the organization. This would also perform important tasks such as calculating the retirement funds, tax deductions and takes account of any bonuses or deduction on the part of an employee.

  • Attendance and Time Management Application

Managing the attendance is also the vital part of HR responsibilities. Finding a suitable HR Software for eliminating the need for recording the manual time in hours and minutes worked by the employees is always beneficial. The good news is that it also records the employee’s sickness time and any vacations they took. Therefor you don’t have to worry about any time recording or attendance issue anymore.

  • Analysing and Reporting Feature

A Payroll Software is incomplete without a comprehensive reporting system, it can automatically analyze compensation, the deduction with the help of built-in templates which generate automatic reports for the HR managers and higher officials. Moreover, if you are using any other HRMS software in your company, then a good payroll software must be able to integrate with them. This will provide added benefits to the management.

  • Self-Service Employee Portal

In the payroll software of these modern days, employees can get the benefit of having their own employee portal and they can enjoy the free access from anywhere on their gadgets and laptops worldwide. All they have to do is to open their web app or a browser and make the necessary modifications to their own personal data if required.