Human resource department is must in almost in all organizations all over the world. Therefore, human resource department has the potential to manage all the valuable resources of the organization. As HR department handle all the functions of organizations without the proper functioning of HR department it is difficult to achieve the objectives and goals of organizations.

Role played by HR within the organizations:


The recruitment of new employees is very important for the growth of any business. HR department has a clear understanding about the available vacancies with in the organizations. Recruiting employees is a lengthy process and difficult to manage so for this purpose recruitment management software in Spain is available that can efficiently handle all the recruitment process.

Establishing relationship with employees:

HR department is responsible to establish relationship with employees. Performance management software in Spain helps in establishing a good relationship as it has a features to maintain HR and payroll functions. When employees get their payroll and other works in time it will increase their loyalty with organization.

Ensuring the safety of employees:

Safety is the most basic need that employees want about their workplace. HR payroll software in Spain also ensure safety by storing the important measures necessary for the safety of workplace. All data regarding the completion of safety measures is stored in the software.

Offering benefits and compensation to the employees:

Giving benefits is also the one way to increase the motivation level. Leave management is important to manage and for this leave management software in Spain is available. It can maintain the record of each employee leaves and then HR department compensate leaves according to the policies of organizations.

Training and development:

For the development of business it is important to give proper training to the employees. PeopleQlik provides a HR Payroll software that helps to manage the employees training. All the training record is store in the software. Training plays an important role for the success of any business.