Organizations advertise on public sites to hire new person if they have seats for some specific jobs. A large number of people apply and the company calls them for interview then selects them for the right jobs. An automatic Recruitment management software in Argentina providing help to manage all processes efficiently and gives real results. It right people for the right job at the correct time.

In today’s world most of the organizations has changed the recruitment process and made it more suitable like it can be used through mobile devices or internet services that has saved much cost of large organizations. For small businesses it helps them in their business’s growth and also ensure the better future. HR Payroll software in Argentina plays energetic role in organization’s development.

Exclusive features of recruitment management software:

  • User-friendly administrative interface.
  • The capacity to mechanically post job listings to the corporate site and to online jobs.
  • Online application software that implements input in a legal format for retrieval of significant data.
  • Unique capability to imprisonment and resumes for similar data reclamation.
  • Best Data warehousing.
  • Analytics software to assess and rank.
  • Latest applicant and job tracking.
  • Proper scheduling software.
  • Contract generation software.
  • Integration with the establishment’s HRM and HCM
  • Automatically report generation.

Key benefits

Improvement and reduction of employee’s selection process costs

  • Desirability of candidates
  • Interview time, reference checking, travel expenses.
  • The cost of the job position until it is covered by a new candidate

Reduction of the job performance appraisal costs

More interested employees, better results

  • The improvement in workforces selection allows you to recruit best talent
  • The salutation of the competences and potential of the employees by human resource department improves self-confidence
  • Greater inspiration increase efficiency, production and self-esteem. As a result the company beliefs expands
  • PeopleQlik’s HR Payroll and Recruitment management software in Argentina helps to recruit the employees with great strategies.