Organizations are mostly composed of different departments while one of the important department that keep track of all the employees’ information is the Human Resource (HR) department. It is the core part for any organization. PeopleQlik is offering HR Payroll Software in Switzerland to automate the processes of the HR department. With the use of this software, you can implement effective strategies into your business so that it can flourish. Workforce always get happier when you take good care of them and this is only possible with this set of software. Starting from scratch, recruitment process is now been made convenient with its Recruitment Management Software in Switzerland.

The technology has evolved almost every aspect of life, so is HR as well. Organizations of Switzerland are not getting awareness to implement HR software rather than doing old-fashioned paperwork which takes a huge amount of time and wastage of resources. This HR Payroll Software in Switzerland covers all the organizations size ranging from small-scale, medium-sized to the large giant organizations. The performance of all your employees can be calculated with PeopleQlik’s Performance Management Software in Switzerland region. There are list of features that are being offered by this software, some of them are as follows;

  • Employees Loyalty Check

With PeopleQlik’s Performance Management Software in Switzerland, you can keep check on the employees that are not sincere to their job and are doing nothing but just dragging the time. With this software, you can get day-by-day reports, weekly or monthly; depending on your desire. Moreover, the leave data of the employees can also be gathered with Leave Management Software in Switzerland.

  • Centralized Employee Database

As PeopleQlik is offering a cloud based HR Software so all the data and information can be accessed with just a click away. We are offering Recruitment Management Software in Switzerland to smoothen the complete process of recruitment as well.

  • Automated Time off

Time off is an important task to be managed by the HR department. With PeopleQlik HR software you can now easily keep record about time-off of your employees so that at the end of the month salaries can be calculated easily. While employee’s leave, short-leave and annual leaves can now be measured with PeopleQlik Leave Management Software in Switzerland.