HR Payroll Software in Russia can be application or web based software solution for keep, track and maintain the information about employees such as data entry, data information like address, Social security number, tax status, benefit status, payroll information within the company.

HR Payroll Software in Russia provides the following facilities:

  • It provides facility of searching the suitable applicants and collect the resume
  • Full integration with the other software of the organizations such as account information and financial software
  • Modify and Update the information such as enrolment, salary increment, status changes, decrement of salary, personal information, updating the profile and so on.
  • It manages all the necessary documents such as employee handbooks, guidelines, safety etc
  • It manages and analyse the information about employees and stakeholders

Recruitment Management Software in Russia:

Recruitment management software is capable the computerized management of recruitment needs. This process is achieved through the human resource management of that particular organization, where its main purpose is to target the people to get the best quality of employees for an organization.

Performance Management Software in Russia:

Employee’s performance impacts great role on the organization’s success. Performance management Enhance the communication between supervisor and the employee to achieve the organization’s objects. This communication clarifies the expectations, objectives, goals, etc.

Leave Management Software in Russia:

Leave management software controls all the activities of related leaves. Once all the records makes computerized and integrate an automated leave management software is organized then in-time and out-time secret codes of employees are automatically taken care. It manages automatically recording the attendance and also calculating the working hours of each employee. It decreases the workload of HR manager.

Leave Management Software in Russia provides an integrated mechanism to manage and handle leaves, attendance and time efficiently. It provides facility of one platform for all the HR Payroll Performance Management activities which helps to relate the processes and get better analysis results.