In any business HR department plays a significant role for business growth. The department faces day to day new business challenges and business meets with more risk factors. Risks influence on business growth and reputation. To overcome these challenges HR department needs a best solution that leads business in an efficient way. HR Payroll Software in Antigua and Barbuda is a high yielding best solution to enhance the business productivity. It controls HR functions by reducing complexity of HR operations.

How to overcome risk analytics in Recruitment process?

Recruitment process is an important part of HR management. It is difficult and risky to organize and select best talent from pile of applicants. To conquer risk incursions in recruitment process HR department requires best working plans and efficient recruitment track. The Recruitment Management Software in Antigua and Barbuda controls the working process from declaring job specifications to sending offer letters to selected candidates. Applicant apply through proper channel and the software highlights the most matching profiles with company needs and job requirements based on candidates professional and educational background.

Enhance employee performance

PeopleQlik’s Performance Management Software in Antigua and Barbuda is a powerful tool to improve and track employee performance. Employee performance depends on daily working hours, overtime, attendance time, number of leaves or absents. It automatically tracks and generates reports on employee performance. It provides a dashboard showing employee performance record that helps to improve employee motivation.

The number of Leaves effects on employee performance. Leave Management Software in Antigua and Barbuda helps to keep track of employee leaves and make record of employee holidays. It records the time of employees who are late coming and early goings. It defines company policies and manages all types of leaves such as corporate, national, company defined, and so on. Employee can send request for leave through employee dashboard and HR manager have rights to reject or accept request.


The HR department deals with lots of employee data and manages talent development in a company.  Manage payroll for each employee according to performance and number of working hours. The HR Payroll Software in Antigua and Barbuda improves the working efficiency of employees and streamline HR operations.