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If you’re accustomed to a traditional payroll processing software, you may be wondering why you should move to a cloud-based payroll software.  In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of payroll in the cloud and show how they can quickly save you time and money.

What is “The Cloud Technology”?

It’s a different way of storing, accessing and processing your business data. By moving to “the cloud”, you can use your computer or Smartphone to access your company data and software applications from anywhere. You don’t need to provide computing and network infrastructure yourself, apart from the device you use to access the internet. The cloud service provider handles all the storage, software updates, availability and processing in return for a simple monthly access fee.

If you use a traditional payroll software, you will likely use software that runs on your in-house computers. Just like Cloud Payroll Software , you input your payroll data and the software generates payroll information. Perhaps you use an Excel spreadsheet or a manual wage book.

However, traditional payroll software suffers from a few drawbacks. There is maintenance overhead. You need to make sure the software is updated. If there is a problem with how your machines run the software, this may require costly support services. Cloud payroll solves this problem by removing the need for payroll software on your computers. All you need is an internet connection. The cloud payroll provider looks after all the software updates, maintenance and hassle from their end.

People often wonder if their data will be safe in the cloud, but when you compare the security risk of storing all your company data in a single office, or on a single machine, the risk profile of cloud computing is compelling. A single office is vulnerable to theft, fire, employee interference and a multitude of other situational risks.

Payroll Software is subject to bulletproof security, multiple data storage locations that provide redundancy and enterprise level backup – without the enterprise level infrastructure cost. It has advanced encryption and hardware and software firewalls to keep your information safe and confidential. Additionally, because your records are stored in the cloud, you can access them anywhere, anytime.

If you’re using manual systems, like a spreadsheet or wage book, these systems suffer from the same potential security and data loss issues, and they don’t provide any smart information around changes to legislation. You need to spend extra time and effort keeping up with all the changes.

Cost of Change

Some people will be worried about the switching cost. You’ve run your existing system for years, and your staff is used to it. Any change to another system involves some time to make the switch and get used to a new way of working. A switch to cloud computing is no exception. Compare this to the cost of retaining and maintaining an inefficient system and the switching cost becomes negligible.

But Is Cloud Payroll Easy To Use?

Yes, it is very simple to use. Cloud software makes it easy to integrate your payroll system with other software, too. In fact, it is so simple; you can run your payroll on a Smartphone! With the Cloud HR Software , you can pay your staff in less than a minute, do all the calculations and make the payments.

How does this speed and ease of use compare with your existing Payroll system?

Cloud Payroll Can Save You Money

Perhaps the greatest benefit of cloud payroll is the cost saving. Cloud payroll creates many cost efficiencies including:

  • Cutting the time it takes to process payments by automatically filing PAYE and automatically paying staff and emailing pay slips
  • Keeps up to date with legislation
  • Provides accurate record keeping
  • Eliminating most network, backup and software administration overhead

This frees up your time and lowers the cost of your payroll processing. Payroll is obviously a tedious administrative overhead. Like most business owners, you want to focus on running and growing your business, not dealing with excessive administration and the resulting overhead and frustration. Cloud software have become incredibly popular, especially with small and medium-sized businesses, because of the ease of use, low barrier to entry and affordable cost.

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