Six essential formats for your Learning Management software in Saudi Arabia report format

PeopleQlik #1 Learning Management Software in Saudi Arabia provides a variety of reports that allow learners to monitor the progress, engagement, and effectiveness of the course. It is important to review the parameters of your Learning Management System. Apart from standard reports, you can customize your reports to meet business requirements.

Most Learning Management Systems have built-in reports. There are a few standard reports, as well as customized LMS reports. Additionally, there are many options for analytics. These reports can also be sent via email to the authorized person and can be saved on the dashboard after login to the Learning Management System. As per the Management’s goals, you can automate different types of reports.

PeopleQlik #1 Learning management software in Saudi Arabia

Six essential formats for your Learning Management software in Saudi Arabia report format

Six essential formats for your Learning Management software in Saudi Arabia report format


Let’s look at the important report formats .

  • Learner Engagement

Engagement of learners is key and can be achieved with various reports that provide information about learner participation and progress. Participation reports are a starting point. They include questions such as:

  • What is the average daily time spent by the user learning the course via the eLearning Management System
  • Are they satisfied with the Online Training Course Content? Are they finding it interesting?
  • What number of sessions is required to complete a single course?

These reports will allow you to assess the skills and competencies of an individual once you have pulled them. This report will help you to identify the areas that need improvement and to create an action plan to close them. The Learning Management System in Saudi Arabia allows you to keep a detailed track of each eLearning activity. This will allow you to analyze if there are any changes that need to be made to the eLearning material. It is easier to avoid future problems if you pay attention to the report regularly.

  • Course Quality

You can analyze the quality of a course by conducting polls and surveys about the content and the course. A survey or poll result can be used to improve the eLearning course. These questions can be used to help you plan your course.

  • A list of all eLearning Courses with outstanding or rare completion results
  • List of all users for each eLearning course
  • Trends in Accessing eLearning Content
  • Is the eLearning course completed in one session or can you return halfway through?

Two main reasons why a training course does not succeed are: Course is not promoted properly to gauge attention or the course is not according to the learner’s requirements. This can be used to create multiple eLearning courses, which may be more suitable for the learner. The entire eLearning course can be rewritten or modified as needed. It is a sign that the content works well if there is a lot of interaction and participation.

  • Certification Tracking

Certificates are awarded to online learners after the course is complete. Each course successfully completed is awarded a certificate to all learners. You can keep track of all certifications for each user in the LMS report on certification tracking. The Learning management software in Saudi Arabia report of certification tracking allows you to compare users and create email reminders for learners who missed a course or were left behind compared with other learners. You can create certification parameters according to the employee profile and groups of employees in each department. For example, a reminder may be sent to the user who has completed a certain amount of time in an organization.

  • Satisfaction Index

The main investment is in creating eLearning content. It is vital to understand the level of satisfaction of the learner with the content, its delivery, experience and the achievement of the learning objective. You can also ask learners for feedback on the eLearning experience. To get feedback from learners about the content and the delivery of it, you can use a survey. To get a complete analysis, ask subjective questions to the users and not just the objective questions. You can understand the YES and NO responses by reasoning with the subjective answers. Compiling all survey results can be done online to create a separate report.

  • Trainer Rating

eLearning is not a platform for publishing and letting people learn. It’s about the virtual platform that eLearning courses use to track the performance of online trainers. You should also ask for feedback about the trainer and online training. Learning management software in Saudi Arabia is important to assess the level of knowledge and experience of the trainer delivering the content. Is the trainer really interested in the content of the internal training? This will allow you to quickly finish the training and also help with the evaluation. This will allow you to see the information such as participation, performance, and dates.

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