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We are discussing the importance of HRMS Software. How it contributes in the success of Businesses by saving cost and money. Let’s talk about more features of HRMS Software’s:

  • E- Service Book

    Also known as HRMS is an Integral part of HRMS Software . It completely automates the process of managing a business’ HR activities. Also knows as the Employee Information Management System, it is better known in the corporate world as the HRMS. In a world where it can be pretty hard to keep track of all the employees within an organization and their information.

  • Organization Reporting Chart

    This tool gives you a visual representation of company. The chart allows people anywhere in the company to know at a glance who they need to report to if they come across a problem that they can’t deal with themselves.

  • Payroll Management

    The Payroll Management Software of an HRMS Payroll is integrated with Leave, Attendance, reimbursement, loans & advances so no more repetitive processing. Statutory filling and tax filling is super easy, system will generate ready to upload statutory report files in required format. Run-time processing eliminated the repetitive processing time, which gives a faster payroll output and improve productivity

  • Rewards & Recognition

    The Rewards and Recognition System in the HRMS of a company allows the HR department to keep track of employees who are performing well. Businesses that offer a good Rewards and Recognition System are usually recommended b job agencies as they treat their employees better.

  • E-Separation

    An Employee Separation System in the HRMS is the perfect way to ensure that the process is done with as high a level of efficiency as possible. If the relevant data is captured in the right way, this process can be extremely streamlined through the use of the Employee Separation System in an HRMS.

  • Performance Management System 

  • Most crucial module of HRMS. The rewards and recognition system in the HRMS in order to coordinate the efforts of the HR department and make sure that all the employees are motivated and challenged constantly.
  • Recruitment Management System

    Recruitment Software is one of the most important modules that you can have..It gives customized and streamlined in order to suit the requirements that the company has with regards to your hiring process

  • Employee On-boarding Software

    HRMS has an Employee On-boarding Software, it becomes far more powerful and packed with features than a human interactive training could be. Each new hire

  • Employee Development System

    A training management system, or a Employee Development System is an important part of an HRMS. It monitor the participation of users in the training program, appraising their willingness to work, skills and dedication. There are many interactive features that are offered when it comes to the Employee Development System in an HRMS.

  • Time sheet & Task Management

    Employees will be able to easily find out what they need to be tracking, as well as prioritizing their tasks so that the most time-sensitive ones can be done first. The process by which approval is gained can also be optimized and streamlined to make sure that they are in line with the processes used within your business.

  • Social HR System

    It allows for the recruitment of new people to be spread out across a far wider scale than traditional methods of advertising like newspapers and TV ever could. It also does most of these functions at only a fraction of the cost that is normally incurred.

You just lay back and think about all the HR & administrative activities happening in any business. Are they all covered here?? Are they all automated here? I think it is yes! Most companies think that this automation will take lots of months to integrate in current system. HR Analytics Software is cloud based software will hardly take 1-2 hours to set up and understand.

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Mobile#: +966547315697