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Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of introduced services over the internet. Cloud computing enables companies to consume a computer source, such as a virtual machine, storage or an application, as a utility just like electricity rather than having to figure and maintain computing infrastructures in house.


File sharing devices are becoming smaller and have greater capacities to meet our on-the-go routine needs. File allocation and saving have undergone a significant evolution over the past periods, from floppy disks to CD’s and to USB flash drives.

All thanks to “cloud computing”, today you can access your files anytime anyplace without you need of saving all your Information on one specific device.


Cloud computing allows Originations  to deliver software, apps, cooperation and communication tools and access to databases and Information not only from any place, but also on a cost per user or use basis. This increases organization’s flexibility and capability to introduce new tools and eliminate old tools. Now you no longer need to wait a year to implement a new tool, it needs weeks or at most months.


Bilytica is the BI Company that offer its experts services for PeoepleQlik its thousands of clients worldwide. The attractiveness of PeopleQlik is rising quickly in all parts of the world. The increasing user community is happy with its good modules and HR Analytics. It enables HR managers to achieve such tasks that they never used to complete before the arrival of PeopleQlik. IT has been recognized as a dependable brand to assist HR managers worldwide. Managers can access Cloud payroll Software and employee data from anyplace with mobile compatibility. The cloud HR software is growing in versatile organizations due to the power of cloud computing as well. The HR managers all across the globe will heavily trust the industry leading HR software brand PeopleQlik.


Because Company HR Department gives employees a simple way to store important information about colleagues, individuals can:

Attach with your team on a personal and professional level

Discover shared interests

Access anyone at entire company swiftly

Communicate with each other instantly

Build relationships

Celebrate milestones

–  Grow with your team

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