Attendance Management Software in Qatar

Attendance Management Software in Qatar

Payroll management is one of the lengthy and strenuous task perform by HR department.

To entertain workforce properly organizations need to track their time and attendances accurately.

PeopleQlik’s Attendance Management Software in Qatar supports managers to analyze each employee’s performance by keeping record of their attendance.

Organizations can value many benefits from PeopleQlik’s time and attendance management system

  • It keeps the information of employee in and out timings that shows their work duration and helpful to analyze their capabilities.
  • It is the best one to correctly manage time, manages attendance, and enables organizations to minimize over payments.
  • Time and attendance system can help organizations through a simple tool to obtain many advantages.
  • Attendance Management is an effectual way to estimate, assess and observe closely employees involved in various projects and related tasks.

Always stay compliant with your local regulatory bodies with PeopleQlik’s payroll software:

  • Seamless flow of information to payroll improves process productivity
  • Integrated HR & payroll solution avoids non-conformances in internal & external HR audit process
  • It keeps you inform about changing compliances and avoid penalties due to local regulatory non-compliances
  • Accurate attendance data assimilation and perfect calculation of payables/receivables curtail revenue leakages
  • Run payroll calculations to accommodate specific business requirements like dual pay-group, monthly & semi-monthly processing
  • Easily manage overseas & international currency payroll

Industry Leaders Love PeopleQlik

Permit your HR team to deliver both of the transactional and transformational value to your business. PeopleQlik has built in preconfigured procedures across the entire employee lifecycle which manage your daily routine challenges. The results are improved process control, better efficiency and a platform for your team to work with the business.

  • Employee Profile & Administration
  • Leave & Attendance
  • Payroll with Statutory Compliance
  • Performance Management & Trainings
  • Employee Benefits Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Time Off Reporting
  • Business Travel
  • HR Analytics & Metrics