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Maintaining compliance and managing license data can be a challenge when you are managing it manually or using Excel. It can be quite unmanageable and slow for managers to manage employee records, process employee license information and ensure compliance with the company’s licensing policy. Chatbot enables HR Software can dramatically simplify permissions management and add value by streamlining the organization’s licensing data.

How to make leaves Policies and approval process with Leave Management Software ?

These are some of the main challenges that an automated leave management can solve:

Adequate information:

With an online license management system, you can access accurate and real-time information about employees and the amount of holidays they take, exceptional vacation days instantly. This makes the process a one-step process, instead of manually searching the pages to obtain the required information.

The software can easily carry out the leave policy with respect to the maximum/minimum number of leaves allowed, the management vacation calendar per location, the number of days required before requesting them leaves, etc. Employees can, at any time, consult the political license before requesting vacation days. Leave management software uses inherent rules that do not allow employees or managers to ignore the rules when requesting or approving leaves.

Information about employee’s vacation history:

It allows the manager and HR department to view the applicant’s license history instantly. For managers, it is very important to know the availability of team members to meet project deadlines. With Chatbot enable Leave Management Software , an employee’s license data is easily accessible to help them approve or reject a permission request without losing time.

True to the law:

Each country has labor laws that regulate employee vacations. And it is essential that the employer complies with the law of the country that establishes the rights of employees related to their license. Failure to comply with complex legal requirements can generate corporate responsibility. This can be easily avoided by applying a leave management that complies with local laws as appropriate.

Approve or deny a request:

After receiving a request, a system automatically sends an email to the employee’s manager with a summary of the application and a link to approve or reject the application. This process is automated through the leave management software to improve productivity.

It can save time:

Attendance Software can eliminate a great burden on human resources, where they spend a lot of time in managing queries on holiday balances for employees.

Here is the list of features which you can get by using PeopleQlik:

  • PeopleQlik Core
    • Core HR Software – HRMS
    • Cloud Payroll Management Software
    • Employee Self Services
    • HR Analytics Software
    • Corporate Wellness Platform
  • Workforce Administration
    • Leave Management Software
    • Time and Attendance Management Software
    • Shift & Scheduling
    • Claims & Reimbursements
    • Timesheet Management Software

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