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The commitment and satisfaction of employees play a vital role in determining the success of an organization. Of numerous factors that improve the participation of employees, the smooth process of leaving the application and receiving approval on time has a significant impact.

It has usually been seen that in the traditional permit application system, delays in recognizing the application followed by its approval, and sometimes rejection without specifying the reasons, have to occur. Our team had multiple discussions with the client to understand their problems. The organization had main challenges at various levels in the company.

Main challenges in managing leaves with the help of chatbot enable Leave Management Software

Challenge 1: workers were not up to date about their leaves balances and updates in the company’s leaves policy. Chatbot enables HR Software received more than 100 inquiries each week on employee permit balances. It took a lot of time and prevented HR from focusing on core business activities that mattered most.

On the other offer, staff had to wait for a long time to know their leaves balances and access the leaves and help information. A permanent model of the holdup in leaves support improved employee disturbance.

Challenge 2: Managers were not able to handle the casualty of their team members and make knowledgeable decisions before appreciative leaves.

The company reported that its managers often face difficulties in the permit approval process.

The line managers were not able to:

  1. Identify patterns of employee leaves requests that take undue advantage of the licensing policy.
  2. Obtain information about the availability of team members in a specific period of time.
  3. Make informed decisions about the approval/rejection of permits.

Despite being an important aspect of a business, absence does not receive the kind of attention it should.  Managing employee permission transactions is a big challenge for small and medium organizations, and therefore overlooks the need to track the absence of employees! Disgruntled or inefficient employees do not make a successful business. To overcome licensing compliance issues, the HR department of each organization is constantly taking steps to have a solid and reliable permitting process.

Most companies give high intelligibility to employees in their leaves management process with the use of cloud-based leaves management software.

Chatbot enables Attendance Management Software maintains a centralized data repository to maintain absence records and other necessary assistance details. Facilitate users:

  • »Submit the application online for the permit application
  • »Check the status of the applied leaves and the leaves balance
  • »See the list of holidays updated by the company
  • »View attendance records
  • »Avoid problems of leaves compliance
  • »View non-availability control panels to plan equipment allocation and make informed decisions before responding to leaves requests
  • »Regularize your assistance to reduce the time spent on consultations after paying the salary
  • »Take control of equipment leaves transactions
  • »Reduce the abandonment transactional load and manual errors during data entry

The bots are very useful nowadays, where routine administrative tasks, such as leave management, payroll administration, repair of routine employee complaints, conducting surveys and receiving comments, can be easily assigned to preprogrammed robots. In some companies, they prefer to give names to create a personalized experience for employees.

In the bots, we are going to restore that loss. A chatbot in that sense can play a crucial role in eliminating some of the workloads of the HR team, on the one hand; and still keep them engaged with employees by the other, with the help of these bots.

An efficient management system for the leaves requirements of the workforce is a key to operational and administrative success. Chatbot enables Leave Management Software , tracks employee attendance and effortlessly manages employee time. Transparency in the management of permits increases the satisfaction and commitment of employees, which reduces the abandonment rate.

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