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#1 Lab Management Software in saudi-arabia | LIMS | LMS | Cloudpital automatically update records in patient’s portfolio. Lab management Software in saudi-arabia provides search for the essential elements of a remarkable patient ID, registration ID, name, and visit date of patients. Your online framework serves doctors and specialists to make accurate decisions at the right time by providing them with all patient test data and reports. The #1 Lab Management Software in saudi-arabia | LIMS | LMS | Cloudpital improves the security highlights, since it requires the login and password to access the registry. EMR software in saudi-arabia provides a paperless module with a high level of security features. The EMR software provides innovative functions that reduce the workload by maximizing work processes. The EMR software in saudi-arabia contains all patient data that can be used to make decisions in the future. E-clinic Software in saudi-arabia provides the scenario where you can check online whether the specialist is available or not in the clinic. You can schedule your appointment online without having to go to clinics and stand in long queue for long time. Patients do not have to wait for their turn, as they must have their reserved time/appointment. Our Software Provides 24/7 hour services.


Features of #1 Lab Management Software in saudi-arabia | LIMS | LMS | Cloudpital:

  • Laboratory inventory and storage management
  • Lab Project Management
  • Electronic document management
  • Automation and laboratory integration
  • Automated data capture and reduction
  • Chemistry and Chemistry
  • Molecular Biology, Cell Culture and Bioinformatics
  • High performance detection (Hts)
  • Management of the study of animals
  • Management of animal facilities
  • Custom reports
  • Sop laboratory application
  • Workflow management
  • Queues for prioritization and management of the work list
  • Instrument management
  • Security
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Lot, lot and case management
  • Specification management
  • Data analysis
  • Study management



Benefits of #1 Lab Management Software in saudi-arabia | LIMS | LMS | Cloudpital:

  • Inclusive inventory management.
  • Automatic production of sample numbers for successive samples.
  • Printing of labels with barcodes for the recognition of samples.
  • Reports of tests and inventions of receipts for printing.
  • Real-time communication for the consequence of the test to the doctors.
  • Search information based on the date of the visit and name of the doctor referred.
  • Penetrating on the basis of exclusive identification of the patient, identification of the registry, name and others between the two dates.
  • Personalized way of handling understanding and civilization.
  • The standards of irregular and normal test results are differentiated at the beginning of the screen and the impressions.
  • The recommendation of the doctor and the amount composed of the corresponding patients.
  • Records of calculation of wise medical stimulus and can be easily analyzed between two dates.

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